Specialty- 1 Gallon Kit


It is a multipurpose, high-gloss, clear epoxy resin kit used for artistic and functional projects such as coating bar tops, tabletops, and countertops, as well as encapsulation, resin painting, resin art, and coating clear models, prototypes, fiberglass laminating, figurines, jewelry and more. This professional-grade two-part clear epoxy resin delivers a glossy finish on a wide range of surfaces, giving your work a professional layer of protection and durability.

Epox-It 80 epoxy resin is easy to use, with a simple 1:1 ratio by volume. This two-part epoxy resin will be clearly labeled as parts Hardener (Side “A”) and Resin (Side “B”). Once combined and poured, Epox-It 80 offers a 45-minute working time, so you can take your time on a project, but will not need to wait long for it to cure enough for a second layer.

While all epoxy resins eventually yellow over time, Epox-It 80 is a UV-resistant epoxy and can resist this effect more than other epoxy coatings. Remember to keep your finished project out of direct sunlight to delay yellowing and ensure clear results for a longer time.

Whether you’re looking for epoxy resin art supplies, epoxy resin for tabletops, countertops, and bartops, coating epoxy, or jewelry-making resin, choose Epox-It 80.



  • NEW AND IMPROVED CLEAR RESIN: Epox-It 80 is now formulated with superior properties that outperform the competition in clarity, air release, UV resistance, shelf life, and heat resistance.
  • FOR ARTISTIC AND FUNCTIONAL PROJECTS: You can use our resin epoxy for tumblers, fiberglass laminating, and encapsulation. It’s also great for casting resin art pieces like jewelry, figurines, and prototypes.
  • SELF-LEVELING RESIN: Our epoxy resin kit self-levels as it goes onto surfaces, ensuring that bar tops, tabletops, and countertops get a uniform coating every time.
  • RESIN KIT FOR BEGINNERS: Our 1:1 mixing ratio makes this easy for beginners and experts alike! It’s self-leveling with great air release so you can enjoy uniform coats with few bubbles on your first try.
  • LONGER LASTING: All epoxy resins are yellow over time. That’s why we added UV inhibitors which help resist yellowing and keep your project looking crystal clear longer.


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