Epoxy Adhesive Paste for Anchoring and Crack Repair


Compatible Material Concrete, Masonry, Grout Filled Block
Color Gray
Brand PC Products
Package Information Cartridge
Full Cure Time 4 Hours


  • Two-part epoxy adhesive paste to fill and repair cracks in concrete, and to anchor threaded rods, bolts, and dowels into concrete, grout-filled block, and unreinforced masonry
  • High-tack paste resists moisture for application in damp environments and can be used in vertical applications
  • Can be used in indoor and outdoor applications with an application temperature range from 35 to 115 degrees F and a service temperature range from -20 to +115 degrees F
  • Provides work time of 20 minutes and cure time of 4 hours (at 75 degrees F)
  • Meets ASTM C881-99
  • Formulated for anchoring threaded rods, bolts, rebar dowels and smooth dowels into concrete, grout filled block and unreinforced masonry.
  • PC-Concrete is excellent for filling and repairing cracks in concrete, and out-performs all caulks and hydraulic cements.


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