Silicone Molds for Epoxy Resin: Unique, Custom, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 3D

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Resin-made beautiful things are amazingly attractive. From fasteners and gems to liners and paperweights, the super-flexible solidifying plastic can contain sparkle, colors, and surprisingly squeezed blossoms—truly, anything your heart wants. 

But you need perfect molds to make your expected stuff.

In this write-up, I will discuss the best 3D, small, medium, large, extra-large, custom, unique silicone molds for the epoxy resin projects.

The Best Silicone Molds for Epoxy Resin

It works perfectly with silicone molds, air drying to a strong hardness, and effectively jumping out, making cleanup simple. If you need to take a shot at your embellishments or make components for a mixed media montage, survey our gathering of the best forms for epoxy tar beneath.

Check out the 3D, small, medium, large, extra-large, custom, unique silicone molds for epoxy resin and find the best one to buy at a cheap price for your project.

3 Best Silicone Molds for Epoxy Resin Reviews

The best 3 Best Silicone molds for epoxy resin are:

1. West Bay Resin Molds

West Bay’s mold kit makes a variety of things that you’ll utilize (or that your friends and family will value accepting).

The set is a victor because of the assortment of form shapes—there are 10 in all—and the tough silicone that they’re made of.

West Bay Resin Molds

It incorporates fewer additional items than different packs, yet it incorporates a silicone blending cup, which bypasses the requirement for heaps of expendable cups, just as an inventory of blending sticks and droppers.


The features are:

  • Safe and durable
  • Smooth and shiny interior 
  • Flexible and easy to clean
  • High transparency

2. Prima Redesign Botanical Floral Mold

The subtle details in this shape from Prima bring about lovely and sensible botanical reliefs that you can add to any project.

Prima Redesign Botanical Floral Mold

The sensitive contacts like reasonably topsy-turvy petals and unopened buds just as blossoms in full sprout—make this item stand apart from lower-quality molds.


The features are:

  • Package length:8.75″
  • Package width:5.0″
  • Package height:0.36″

3. Augshy Silicone Jewelry Molds and Tools

For jewelry making, this enormous pack offers all you require. You’ll discover molds for pendants, armbands, rings, and studs, in addition to 12 kinds of sparkle, pipettes, eye pins, stirrers, and surprisingly a hand drill to effortlessly make openings any place you need them. As you would expect, the hand drill isn’t as top-notch as a possible purchase, yet it functions admirably enough, and you can generally purchase more boring apparatus.

Augshy Silicone Jewelry Molds and Tools

The features are:

  • 36 x jewelry resin making molds
  • 25 x gold screw eye pins
  • 25 x silver screw eye pins
  • 5 x plastic stirrers, 5 x plastic spoons
  • 5 x plastic droppers
  • 1 x Hand Twist Drill (include 4 pieces twist bits)
  • 12 x glitter sequins
  • 1 x Storage Bag

2 Best Large Silicone Molds for Epoxy Resin

The best 2 Best large silicone molds for epoxy resin are:

1. Silicone Molds with Special Design

The resin mold is more grounded, more steady, adaptable, and sturdy. The hot cocoa bomb form size is 11.50″x 6.81″x 1.37″. Every hole is 2.63″ in measurement. The chocolate mold silicone is BPA-free.

The circle silicone form is not difficult to deliver because of the non-stick and adaptable silicone. The silicone molds are for chocolate or different food varieties. 

Silicone Molds with Special Bottom Design

The silicone chocolate bomb shape temperature opposition range is from – 40°F to 466°F. Securely utilized in broilers, microwaves, coolers, liners, and dishwashers, the chocolate bomb molds will not break or break without any problem. 

The enormous silicone molds are not difficult to clean because of their non-stick nature. Besides, silicone preparing molds are not difficult to store with hanging openings.


The features are:

  • Thicker Silicone Mold With Special Bottom
  • Odorless 100% Food Grade
  • Safe to Use
  • Easy to Clean & Store 

2. 4 PCS Round Silicone Coaster Mold

Fun Diamond edge molds, You can make various styles of napkins. These silicone molds for resin are made of great silicone with phenomenal flexibility, high tear strength. Adaptable and reusable, simple to deform and clean. 

The smooth inside makes Diamond Epoxy Resin Silicone Molds simple to deform after it’s completely relieved, the completed tar works are extremely sparkly like a mirror, with no compelling reason to clean. 

Round Silicone Coaster Mold

Round napkin shape for tar projecting can be utilized to make different beautifying trimmings, for example, agate coasters, geode coasters, candle holders, etc. You can add dry bloom, pearl shade, mica powder, shine in obscurity powder, sparkle and sequins into the tar shape to get a brilliant form. 

Included 4pcs jewel edge epoxy tar silicone molds, with fun precious stone style edge. 5-inch epoxy molds*2, 3-inch epoxy molds*2, Different size molds address your issue.


The features are:

  • Very Personalized Resin Molds
  • Mold Surface Smooth
  • Wide Application
  • Perfect package

2 Best keychain Molds for Epoxy Resin

The 2 Best keychain molds for epoxy resin are:

1. Epoxy Resin Keychain Casting Mold

The bundle accompanies 2 pieces of pink media player keychain shape and 20 pieces silver key rings with chain, 22 pieces altogether, which can meet your different DIY-making needs, and bring you independent experience. 

61BfWdzQNjL. AC SL1500

These media player keychain shapes are viable with the majority of gum and projecting materials, the keychain form and keyring set will fulfill your different necessities, to bring you pretty keychain creates, it additionally permits you to make cupcakes, cake, sweets, frozen yogurt, chocolate, etc.


The features are:

  • High Quality
  • 2 pieces pink media player keychain mold
  • 20 pieces silver key rings with chain

2. Heart Resin Molds

These heart molds are uniquely planned by ” Fatemeh Mokhtari “, with Heart locks, Heat keys, Heart assortment, Love pieces, Love locks, Puzzle pieces. We should Resin” claims both patent and copyright. 

These resin projecting molds can be utilized for keychains and DIY Jewelry, pendants. Ideal presents for loved ones and sweetheart, or a couple on Valentine’s day, commemoration, Birthday, or Christmas.


The features are:

  • 6-Months Replacement Guarantee
  • Easy To release
  • Non-stick can be recycled

2 Best Word Molds for Epoxy Resin

The 2 Best word molds for epoxy resin are:

1. Alphabet Keychain Mold

Our resin letter set shape is made of value tough silicon by cutting edge strategies, adaptable and tear evidence, simple to spotless, and recyclable. With 26 letters in order letters and 10 numbers that can be orchestrated in a bunch of blends of imaginative 

The silicone molds for gum are smooth and clean add gum and designs into the keychain shape at that point push the opposite side of the form, and tar comes out easily when it’s relieved. 

71MfCNyAkIL. AC SL1001

The keychain molds for epoxy can be utilized to make brilliant and wonderful letters and numbers. Amazing to make keychains, house numbers, enlivening decorations, and another DIY creation. It’s exceptionally pragmatic and enriching.


The features are:

  • Complete Accessories for Keychain Making
  • Multifunctional Casting Mold
  • 26 alphabet letters and 10 numbers molds

2. Shiny Glossy DAD and MOM Letter Style Keychain Mold

Our resin molds are made of excellent silicone, delicate, adaptable, simple to de-mold. With gleaming inside surface, the completed tar works are extremely sparkly and smooth like mirrors, with no compelling reason to clean. 

711rPlqCNBL. AC SL1500

Epoxy resin projecting molds are viable with the greater part of the gum and give materials such a role as epoxy resin, concrete earth, polyester gums, gum glue, cleanser, wax, candle, and so on


The features are:

  • Easy to de-mold
  • Widely compatible
  • Easy to use
  • Glossy surface

2 Best Coaster Molds for Epoxy Resin

The 2 Best Coaster molds for epoxy resin are:

1. Large Coaster Resin Casting Molds

Accompany 1 enormous Round silicone molds ( 21 cm/8.27 inches in measurement), involved 4 segments looking like a quarter circle with an unpredictable edge, used to make your arrangement of interesting napkins or enrichments, uniform and bring incredible stylish discernment, show your exceptional taste 

816WyWQB19L. AC SL1500

The front side is reflexive, a viable lessen defect, the rear is iced, has solid rubbing, is difficult to move around, and influences the interaction.


The features are:

  • made of premium silicone
  • soft, flexible, and thick
  • Tear-resistant
  • Durable
  • Reusable 

2. LEOBRO 1 Pack Silicone Resin Mold for Making Coaster

This enormous silicone shape has 6 huge size unpredictable examples, useful for making customized makes, completely showing your exceptional taste, and making you amazed.

71qOiOJd dL. AC SL1000

This resin shape is viable with most pitches or other giving materials such as epoxy gum, polyester gums, polymer mud, and so on, just as tar shade, gum color, give enormous space to inventiveness.


The features are:

  • made of high-quality silicone
  • flexible, easy to demold
  • resistant to tearing
  • washable, pretty durable, and reusable
  • serve you for a long time

2 Best Ashtray Molds for Epoxy Resin

The 2 Best ashtray molds for epoxy resin are:

1. Epoxy Resin Molds for DIY Ashtray

Made of premium silicone, thick, well tearing-safe, tough, and reusable. Lustrous internal surface, decrease blemishes, improve the brought into the world of wonderful craftsmanship pieces. What’s more, the gum ashtrays can come effectively out of the shape, any pitch dribbles are effortlessly flown off. 

71D2UM+4NJS. AC SL1500

Lustrous inward surface, well lessen blemishes, improve the brought into the world of amazing craftsmanship. Viable with epoxy resin, UV gum, tar color, liquor ink, acrylic paint, etc.


The features are:

  • 1 pack multifaceted octagon ashtray mold
  • 1 pack multifaceted square ashtray mold
  • 3 pack shiny foil flakes
  • 20 pcs wooden mixing sticks
  • 20 finger gloves

2. FUNSHOWCASE Resin Silicone Molds for Epoxy

A solid shape can keep going for quite a while. Fundamental beginning pieces and gum projecting unit for specialist or veteran. Straightforward tone, you can check the button when interacting with the project. Simple to de-mold delivered uniform shape, shine finish. 

81g8WAqiV3L. AC SL1500

Simple to utilize form truly adaptable and simple to clean, can be utilized in a stove, dishwasher, cooler and so on Can be utilized inside the temperature between – 40~220 centigrade/ – 40~428 Fahrenheit.


The features are:

  • Available in 3 sizes (3.9×2.4×2.4inch, 3.3x2x2inch, 2.8×1.6×1.6inch)
  • Durable mold
  • Multi-purpose usage

2 Best rolling tray molds for epoxy resin

The 2 Best rolling tray molds for epoxy resin are:

1. ZIIVARD 2Pcs Silicone Coaster Molds for Resin Casting

Our resin molds for the plate are made of great silicone, thick and adaptable, solid and reusable, used for quite a while, the outside of the adornment tar form is smooth, simple to utilize, and simple to clean. 

613ssvLSFWL. AC SL1500

After tar is completely relieved, it is so natural to take out the plate from tar epoxy molds. You just need to turn the pitch form and deliver your creation from the shape, lessening the requirement for cutting and cleaning.


The features are:

  • Octagonal and square shapes of molds
  • The octagonal tray mold size is 7.67 inches
  • The Square tray mold is 7.75 inches

2. Silicone Tray Resin Molds

These epoxy resin molds are ideal for making various shapes and things. 

The smooth surface inside makes it simple to de-mold after it’s completely relieved and diminishes the need to scale back and clean. 

Viable with epoxy tar and UV gum, yet tar color, mica powder, liquor ink, acrylic paint, etc. 

71Jm 5aR73L. AC SL1500

Make trendy, adorable, customized gems dish with our silicone molds, make special Christmas, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day presents for your loved ones.


The features are:

  • 6 Pack Epoxy Resin Tray Molds
  • Flexible and durable
  • Easy to de-mold 
  • Can be used many times

2 Best Molds for Epoxy Resin Casting

The 2 Best molds for epoxy resin are:

1. Sculpey Flexible Push Mold-Whimsy

With epoxy tar, you’re not restricted to units explicitly showcased for that reason.

Any silicone shape will do, and this offbeat set from Sculpey is a top-notch decision.

The pack makes small, uneven reliefs in shapes including butterfly and heavenly messenger wings, a mermaid tail, hearts, and a moon face to decorate adornments, jewelry boxes, and significantly more.

91vLBEmd59L. AC SL1500

The features are:

  • Sculpey Flexible Push Mold
  • Works with polymer clay, air dry, and non-dry modeling clays

2. Let’s Resin Alphabet Molds

Letters can be scary to new crafters as a result of their straight planes and sharp points. Fortunately, epoxy gum is a magnificent decision for something as demanding as 3-D letters since it’s self-leveling and finds a way into each edge of a form without waiting to be persuaded. Letters and numbers come out smooth, glossy, and liberated from holes.


The features are:

  • quality durable silicon by advanced techniques
  • help your baby learn happily
  • Perfect gift
  • Excellent for DIY crafts

Where To Buy Silicone Molds for Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy Resin XYZ and Amazon are the best marketplaces to buy Silicone Molds for resin at a cheap price.


To make delightful resin castings or gems with epoxy pitch, it is vital to utilize great molds. These are accessible in various plans to purchase.

Wash your silicone molds out utilizing water, and leave the water in the washing bowl. (For tidying up) Silicon is a material that can assemble a ton of residue and different particles, so you’ll have to wash it before you use these best molds for epoxy resin.

I believe the article has helped you to find the best 3D, small, medium, large, extra large, custom, unique silicone molds for the epoxy resin to make your wanted stuff.

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