The 5 Best Epoxy Resin Book Cover Mold Reviews in 2022

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If you are a person who loves crafting, you have come to the right place. 

These resin book cover molds will stand out in your house or office. Each silicone resin mold’s interior is smooth and shiny, making it easy to de-mold after it’s fully cured and reducing the need to cut back and polish. It’s also simple to use and clean.

Read this write-up to know more about epoxy resin Book Cover Molds.

The 5 Best Epoxy Resin Book Cover Mold Reviews

Here are the 5 best epoxy resin Book Cover Mold reviews so that you can choose the best among them:

1. Chistepper Notebook Cover Resin Casting Molds

Silicone is the material of this piece. Silicone is a high-quality substance that is resistant to tearing and has a long service life.

Epoxy Resin Book Cover Mold

Create a unique notebook cover that engages your ideas and creativity while remaining fascinating and memorable.

A5 mold dimensions: 17.5 (width), 22.5 (length), 0.5 cm (thickness)

A6 mold (thickness): 11 (width), 18 (length), 0.5 cm 

A7 mold: 9.5″ wide, 13″ long, 0.5″ thick 

After full curing, it’s simple to de-mold and switches off, making it convenient for future use.

2. LEOBRO Store Notebook Cover Resin Casting Molds

The 100ml transparent scale on the silicone measuring cup makes it ideal for mixing varied volumes of liquids.

The tiny pour spouts on these soft and flexible silicone mini-sized mixing cups allow for more precise transfer. Cups have a smooth and non-stick surface that can be readily peeled off after the liquid has fully cured, making them incredibly convenient.

Mixing spoons and tweezers are useful tools for making a notebook cover out of epoxy resin. A mixing scoop can properly mix resin with color paste and glitter powder.

The sharp stainless steel tweezers can be used to clip small items to decorate your cover or perform other precise tasks.

3. Tomorotec Clear Casting Epoxy Resin Molds

Each book size has one PAIR included in the package. Make two book covers at once without having to wait for the first to dry.

61ljUUCCm0L. AC SL1000

8 Molds and 40 Silver Book Rings are included in the package. Make your own one-of-a-kind, stunning book covers!

The internal surface is super smooth and non-sticky, making it very easy to unmold the finished product and saving you time on polishing. There is no requirement for a releasing agent. Surfaces that have been machined to guarantee that the completed items are smooth and do not require polishing.

BPA-free, elastic, resilient, and recyclable, made of high-quality silicone.

4. FUNSHOWCASE Rectangle Journal Cover Mold

Advanced procedures are used to create these resin silicone molds, which are constructed of durable silicone. You may effortlessly use, de-mold, and clean the flexible, smooth, and reusable epoxy molds, which are soft and light.

81RKgJyub8L. AC SL1500

These silicone resin molds are compatible with a wide range of casting materials, including epoxy resin, casting resin, and UV resin, but not coating resin.

DIY your original personalized notebook cover using resin pigment, resin dye, resin ink, and various embellishments or fillers, and show off your wonderful taste! 

5. Iriisy Notebook Cover Resin Mold

One dragon eye outer cover, one inner cover, and six-leaf binder rings are included in this notebook cover resin mold set. Make your own book cover with this unique and eye-catching design.

811+ahUPJUL. AC SL1500

Our molds are composed of high-grade silicone that is both flexible and long-lasting. Once your work is completed, our molds will produce attractive and flawless shapes that are difficult to deform.

Most resin materials, such as resin, wax, candle, and soap, are suitable with our molds. You can use it with resin and add mica powder, pigment, dried flowers, sequins, or any other ornamental elements you like.

These molds are smooth and pliable on the inside, making them simple to de-mold. The products can be simply de-molded after they have been entirely formed. For future use, clean the mold with soapy water.

Final Words

After each usage, clean these resin book cover molds with rubbing alcohol or soapy water. Washing using abrasive pads is not recommended. Dry thoroughly and store away from direct sunshine and heat in a cool, dry location. Always observe the manufacturer’s directions and safety warnings while working with resin. Make sure you’re working in a clean, well-ventilated environment. Prevention for the skin, lungs, and eyes is necessary.

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