The 5 Best Violet Epoxy Resin Table Top Reviews in 2021

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These amazing Violet epoxy resin table tops are made very durable. These are long-lasting and very strong. 

Go through this whole write-up to know more.

The 5 Best Violet Epoxy Resin Table Top Reviews

Here are the 5 best Violet epoxy resin table tops which can add sophistication to a room:

1. Hand Painted Violet Resin Side Table

This Violet epoxy resin table top has been made with natural walnut wood and 100%  handmade.

We are creating unique designs with ultra-clear epoxy dining tables, custom-size epoxy coffee tables, or walnut epoxy tea tables.

The seller has access to thousands of live edge slabs of domestic and exotic pieces that are imported from around the globe.

This seller uses only the highest quality of hardwoods and materials in their work and believes only in perfection.

Characteristics Specification
ColorViolet, blue, sky blue, white
MaterialsResin, mica, epoxy, 24k gold paint
Expense The cost of the table is USD 367.53
The shipping cost is USD 41.33
FeaturesShipping from the United Kingdom
1 business day
Returns & exchanges are accepted
Height: 40 Centimeters and Width: 40 Centimeters
UV resistant epoxy resin 
High-quality acrylic and mica pigments

2. Epoxy Resin Violet and Lavender Table Top

After requesting each piece is covered with a subsequent clear layer of epoxy for a defensive smooth as glass finish. 

The lower part of this Violet epoxy resin table top is then sanded smooth to avoid any defects.

At that point, the seller finishes the lower part of each piece with the customers’ choice of paint. 

This table can be used for epoxy coffee table, epoxy resin table, small dining table, black, blue, silver, gray, white.

It can also be used as a personalized gift, custom gift, housewarming, and many more purposes.

Characteristics Specification
MaterialsEpoxy resin
Expense The cost of the table is USD 240.08+
The shipping cost is Free
FeaturesWill be ready to ship in within 3–4 weeks
Shipping will be done from the United States
Legs are sold separately
Beautiful purple pigments

3. Violet Marble Table Top

This delightfully made side table will add a solid highlight to your interior and will turn into a focal point in any room.

The Violet epoxy resin table top can be made in any tone and style to accommodate your interior. Layers for additional sparkle, shine or silver/gold can be added at no additional expense. Hence, each table will be wonderful all alone and turn into the first piece unparalleled.

Characteristics Specification
MaterialsResin, glitter, epoxy, pigment powder
Expense The cost of the table is USD 1,175.00
The shipping cost is Free
FeaturesThis table is decorated with sparkles and shines
It is handmade
Will be ready within 3–4 weeks after placing order
Returns & exchanges are allowed

4.  Walnut Violet Gold Leaf Epoxy Table

This is a reliable seller. For all worldwide deliveries, there is a charge just to cover every single custom obligation and related expenses. The result configuration may change because of the variation of resin which makes it unique eventually.

These items are the seller’s production. Presently the seller has begun deals on Etsy. The customer can generally ask the seller inquiries about what the customer needs and the seller will help the customer.

Characteristics Specification
ColorViolet and brown
MaterialsWood, oil, epoxy resin, walnut wood, metal legs, pigment color
Expense The cost of the table is USD 2,880.00The shipping cost is free
FeaturesThe product will be ready to ship within 4–6 weeks
Will be delivered from Turkey
Height: 30 Inches
Width: 36 Inches
Depth: 64 Inches
Walnut wood has been used which is specially brought from Turkey
The maximum time for shipping is 1 week

5. Violet Rustic Modern Unique Table

The seller’s center is to offer excellent furniture to the seller’s clients at limited costs. Accordingly, because of the seller’s low edge, the seller can’t acknowledge returns or exchanges on any things.

If there is any problem, the seller will attempt to fix it. The table shown in the picture is a custom request item. the seller doesn’t have these in stock, the seller will begin making them after The customer either gets in touch with the seller that The customer might want one, or buy one. 

This will be sent to FedEx.

Characteristics Specification
ColorViolet and wood color
MaterialsEpoxy, Resin, Dye, Wood, Metal
Expense The cost of the table is USD 275.00
The shipping cost is free
FeaturesShipping will be done within 1 month from Little Falls, NY
The wood type can be selected by the customer
Leg type can be customized
matte and glossy finish both are available 

Final Words

These beautiful and amazing Violet epoxy resin table tops are incredible. With any one of these, you can uniquely decorate your house. 

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