TotalBoat Polyester Laminating Resin


Surface tackiness is key when you’re stacking up layers of fiberglass and resin fast for a build or repair and don’t want the layers to cure yet. TotalBoat Polyester Laminating Resin stays tacky, allows the layers to form strong bonds and won’t harden up on you in the middle of your project. This economical, marine-grade fiberglass resin doesn’t contain wax, so it won’t cure in direct contact with air. It can be applied to prepared fiberglass, wood, and metal, so it’s perfect for projects like a spray-up in a mold, a hand layup on a boat, or DIY fiberglass repair on your boat hull, surfboard, car body, motorcycle, RV or bathtub. DIY fiberglass laminating resin has a viscosity ideal for wetting out fiberglass mat, fiberglass cloth and carbon fiber, and it won’t sag – even on vertical surfaces. It also minimizes pattern print-through on gelcoat finishes, making this resin ideal for your fiberglass or gelcoat repair kit.



TotalBoat Laminating Resin is easy to use but requires MEKP catalyst (included) to work properly. Just add catalyst, stir thoroughly, and use immediately. To control working time, you can adjust the amount of MEKP hardener. For example, at 70°F, for a working time of 20 minutes or more, add 1 teaspoon of MEKP to 1 quart of polyester resin; for a working time of 15-20 minutes, add 2 teaspoons of MEKP to 1 quart of resin; for a working time of 10 minutes, add 3 teaspoons of MEKP to 1 quart of resin. When you’re ready for it to cure, apply a final coat of TotalBoat Polyester Finishing Resin for a hard, tack-free finish ready to sand, paint, or gelcoat. TotalBoat Polyester Laminating Resin is available in Quart and Gallon sizes, includes MEKP catalyst. Compare to 3M, Bondo Fiberglass Resin, FSD Fiberglass Supply Depot Polyester Resin and Polymer Planet Polyester Fiberglass Resin. 100% made in the USA.

  • GENERAL PURPOSE POLYESTER RESIN stays tacky to hold fiberglass cloth and composite fabrics in place during boat building & layups; ideal for hull & surfboard repair, bathtub & automotive fiberglass repairs
  • FAST WET OUT OF FIBERGLASS and other reinforcement fabrics used to create composites and FRP parts for yachts, boats, motorcycles and more; ideal for spray-ups and hand layups on fiberglass, wood & metal
  • EASY TO USE, NO SANDING: Polyester fiberglass resin is an excellent base coat for laminating applications; just mix in MEKP catalyst and use immediately; surface stays tacky so next layer adheres strongly
  • INCLUDES MEKP CATALYST: Adjust the amount of MEKP hardener to control gel time; slow gel (20 min +): 1 teaspoon of MEKP per quart of resin; medium (15-20 min): 2 tsp/qt; fast (10 min): 3 tsp/qt
  • CHOOSE QUART OR GALLON SIZE. Note: Resin and work area should be between 70°F to 95°F; store in temperatures below 77°F; for the final layer in your layup, use TotalBoat Polyester Finishing Resin


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