Artmolds Polyurethane Resin For Doll And Sculptures Making


One pound bag for cold casting uses our iron powder. Iron is susceptible to rusting if exposed to moisture. Care should be taken to keep it dry. Particle size: 325-mesh, Color: Dark Silver White to Grey. Odor: Odorless, Formula: Fe, Melting point: 1371 -1483 C.



  • Perfect for Cold Casting: Our Artmold’s very fine Iron powder is perfect for cold casting and helps to make the iron made DIYs for your home and offices
  • Very Fine Iron Particles: Our Artmolds Iron powder comes with 1lbs (453.6 Grams) and 325- Mesh powder which is considered a very fine and odorless particle for the cold casting and molding
  • Very Easy And Simple To Use: Our Artmolds Iron powder is a very simple and easy cold casting formula using polyurethane resin. Just combine, mix well and pour into the mold
  • Your Creativity Will Never Lose Shine: Are you afraid that your collection may lose shine in the future? Don’t panic. Our artmolds iron powder contains very fine particles of iron and the shine can retain by just polishing using rosin and polishing wheel
  • Mold your Creativity Into a Shape: Try our Artmolds fine particle Iron powder at your home and office decors and enhance your creativity level and feel artistic


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