The 5 Best Green Epoxy Resin Table Top Reviews in 2021

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There are no restrictions to innovativeness in the making of an Epoxy Table: from the most extraordinary variations with distinctive shadings and structures and lavish plan to more moderate, clean plans, with nonpartisan or more straightforward tones, there is no limit. Look at these Green epoxy resin table tops for more.

The 5 Best Green Epoxy Resin Table Top Reviews

Here are the 5 best tables which can add amazing colors into a room:

1. Walnut Emerald Green Design Table Top

Green Epoxy Resin Table Top

Utilized 250-year-old Walnut tree imported from Ukraine. On the off chance that you wish, you can change the tree type and our leg alternatives. We have 10-15 diverse shading feet and 4 distinctive leg choices. 

Roughly 35-60 kilos of epoxy is utilized and it is an uncommon table that isn’t effortlessly damaged and rugged. We get half installment when the thing is prepared to transport. 

The sellers send the customers the photographs and recordings during the entire interaction.

So the customers’ items can be tweaked distinctly for the customers and the seller can add the customers’ thoughts. It closes in 3 a month and has the greatest delivery time of multi-week.

ColorGreen and brown 
MaterialsEpoxy, Resin, Stainless metal legs, Special 200 300 Years Old Walnut Wood
ExpenseThe cost of the table is USD 1,874.60+
The shipping cost is Free
Local taxes will be included (if applicable)
FeaturesIt is fully Handmade
This product will be delivered from Turkey
Returns & exchanges are possible
It will take between 3-4 weeks to build the table

2. Live Edge Epoxy River Table

This unique looking custom epoxy resin river tabletop has always been enduring allure and gives an exquisite look to your home. 

In case you’re searching for an interesting live edge epoxy river dinner table and coffee table, these pecan chunk epoxy stream tables are for you. 

This live edge wood epoxy is a custom order. It is just intended to publicize and show you how we can help you. 

Kindly message me so we can examine your task and I will make a custom receipt for you. The Drop Down menu shows this style of river table’s costs of various sizes.

ColorGreen and brown 
MaterialsWalnut Slab, Epoxy Resin, Metal Legs, Live Edge Wood
ExpenseThe cost of the table is USD 1.00
The shipping cost is Free
Local taxes will be included (if applicable)
FeaturesUnique looking custom epoxy resin river tabletop
Legs are included in the cost
An interesting live edge epoxy river dinner table and coffee table
Enduring and strong

3. Large Live Edge Wood Slab Coffee Table

This special wood coffee table is hand-tailored utilizing the common tree slab. An eminent live edge wood bedside table was produced using the dry acacia tree. This enormous blue epoxy sap side table is propelled by a provincial lodge furniture plan. In this hand-tailored wooden table, the consideration is attracted to the beautiful breaks and harm to the acacia wood section, showing the remarkable idea of this specific piece of wood. 

This rural emphasis log table can be utilized for blossoms, gifts, espresso, PC, or a huge live bonsai tree. The wooden footstool can be utilized as a farmhouse provincial family room furniture, entrance table. The intonation log table would glance wonderful in a log lodge. The tree stump work area is ideal for little spaces. 

The pieces of the provincial wood table are machined on a lathe. The burl table was covered by proficient eco-accommodating wax, sleek to the touch.

ColorSea green and wood color
MaterialsAcacia wood, tree stump, wood slab, blue resin, epoxy resin, stain, wax, oil
ExpenseThe cost of the table is USD 689.31
The shipping cost is Free
Local taxes will be included (if applicable)
FeaturesHeight – 18 inches / 46 cm
Top sizes maximum 38 1/2 inches x 22 1/2 inches / 98 cm x 57 cm
Weight – 22 lb / 10.9 kg
Unique nature of the piece of wood

4. Green Epoxy Table Top

This is an Epoxy Resin Gaming or Trading Desk made with Walnut which is decorated with shaded color. The gum stream table is fresh out of the plastic new and the contemporary plan would be a one-of-a-kind expansion to your home. With its ideal mix of style and capacity, this household item makes it certain to be the star of any room. This cutting-edge table will likewise make for a great present for your companions or family members. 

Everyone is made with excellent sap and separately carefully assembled. Tar is a profoundly intelligent medium that will get anybody’s attention strolling into the room. All tables are done to the best quality. The epoxy gum is solid and tough with specific UV opposition. 

This posting is for a custom Live edge Wooden Table. The Slab that appeared in the photographs has effectively been bought, yet it gives a smart thought to my nature of work and materials. We approach a large number of live edge sections of homegrown and extraordinary species that are imported from around the globe. We utilize unquestionably the best of hardwoods and materials in our work and accept just in flawlessness.

ColorGreen and wood color 
MaterialsBurl olive wood, water, 100% Natural woods and Resin, and dry cotton material
ExpenseThe cost of the table is USD 376.00+
The shipping cost is Free
Local taxes will be included (if applicable)
FeaturesFree Shipping by DHL or FedEx
Water and dry cotton material
Can be used indoor and outdoor
100% Natural woods and Resin
The pedestal is “Not” included in this Price

5. Malachite Wood Coffee Table

Gold legs in the photographs are just for the presentation. Specially designed pin legs, painted with metallic gold are joined on the photographs. 

Representing the lavish and verdant tones of nature in full blossom, green is something other than the shade of cash. It’s additionally the shade of self-awareness and wealth of the soul. With the astuteness of the Malachite gem, progress isn’t estimated in material wealth however with profound fortunes discovered profound inside the heart. 

I needed to work with wood, however,, not huge pieces,, and I finished my errand and discovered a genuine delight to have the option to join wood and pitch wonder in one piece. 

The piece of wood with tar is calm and weighty. Around 12 kg.

ColorGreen, black and golden 
MaterialsResin, Epoxy, wood, pigments, golden-colored leaf
ExpenseThe cost of the table is USD 509.68
The shipping cost is USD 82.82
Local taxes will be included (if applicable)
FeaturesReturns & exchanges are Not accepted
Will be delivered within 1–3 business days
Will be shipped from Cyprus
It is about 12 kg


Epoxy resin is a very adaptable material that once relieved is likewise sturdy, is a profoundly touchy material during the restoring cycle. You can select one of these Green epoxy resin table tops from this list. 

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