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As you may have heard about epoxy resin, it’s a reactive thermosetting polymer, that is just not some kind of material belonging to the chemistry lab.

The Best 11 Epoxy Table Top Reviews in 2021

Beautiful table tops can be made from this thing, and today, we are going to talk about the top 15 epoxy resin table tops that we found online:

1. Epoxy Resin Table Top Marble Granite Blend

Epoxy Resin Table Top Marble Granite Blend

The second table top here as well is beautifully handmade. With the materials of resin, glitter, epoxy, pigment powder, this one is sure to delight your day.

Its size is 42 inches round, mainly suits for your dining or kitchen table. The best thing about this one is that you can choose different colours as you like. Within 3-4 weeks, your product will be shipped in, and you will have to pay USD 35 for the shipment.

One of the customers Jill Fox describes the experience:

“Words can’t express how delighted I am with this table. It is stunning and has improved the look of my whole condo. It arrived packaged securely, the top in one box and the legs in another, and not a scratch on either. It is very simple assembly, just a few screws. The artist obviously paid close attention to what I wanted and delivered the perfect piece for my home. In fact, I’m ordering 2 more from her!”

            Virginia Bashara also loves the table as well as the seller of it:

“This is just absolutely gorgeous. Kelly was wonderful to work with on colors and her art just takes your breath away. This is one of two pieces I bought for a beach house. I will update with pictures.”

The table top will be costing USD 1,125. Buy it from here:

2. Living Room Coffee Table and Dining Table

Living room coffee table and dining table.

Now the third one, which is also handmade, is made of Siberian elm, epoxy resin and varnish. There are two sixes for it: the first one is 73*41 inches, costing USD 2650 and the second one sizes for 28*67 inches, which costs USD 1950.

As one of the customers Angie Craig says:

“This is a jaw dropping table. It is so beautiful. Communication was great. Thank you!”

Another customer Nandita Yadava loves the service and product of the seller:

“LOVE, LOVE the table! He created it just the way we wanted from the photo on the website! Communication was super easy and he sent it via air (DHL) and it was very easy to pick it up near O’Hare (Chicago). Legs came with it and he had pre drilled the holes and it took us 10 min to screw them in. We would highly recommend them!!”

Buy this table top from here:

3. Epoxy River Table Top Epoxy Resin River Table

Epoxy River Table Top Epoxy Resin River Table

This table in our list is a handmade, fine table, that is made of a special blend of oil, totalboat epoxy, premium lumber, diamond pigment.

The seller mentions that the table can be customized according to the buyer’s choice, that is, it can be designed with various specifications, color, thickness, and dimensions. It also mentions that the finished product will be precisely measured, planned, hand-sanded, and hand-finished to perfection.

This product will be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks. There is no cost for shipping and the price is really great, only USD 189.99, the cheapest on this list.

Buy this one from here:

We wish you to find your expected product from the list above. Best of luck for your happy shopping!

4. Dining and End Tables Black Epoxy Resin River Table

Dining and End Tables Black epoxy resin river table

This one is another classy addition to the collection. As you can see from the given picture, this handmade table-top is made of the epoxy resin itself, wood, and ss base. The shop mentions that they “use only the highest quality of hardwoods and materials in their work and refuse to accept anything but perfection.”

The details of all the procedures relevant to returning the product in case any certain type of dissatisfaction appears are provided in the product details. However, shop owners are confident enough to say that they take great care of the specification, color, and quality, which, according to their saying, come with each and every product of theirs.

The cost to ship is free, and the delivery is expected to be done after 4-6 weeks of order placement.

One of the buyers, Hari Patel says that the communication with the shop owner was absolutely fantastic and also mentions that customization was done beautifully for him in the most amazing way. To quote him, “Beautiful table and shipping were fast, Just love my table!”

Another one of the customers says that he’s happy because the table is not only beautiful and affordable, but also the service was quick and very responsive.

To get to know more about this marvellous piece and may be to buy, click the link below:

5. Black Epoxy River Dining/ Dining Table Top 

Black Epoxy River Dinning/ Dining Table Top

It’s another collection in the list. Beautifully handcrafted and designed, this table top’s materials include slab, wood, metal, dye, epoxy, resin, acrylic, wax, varnish, paint, pearlescent dye. As you can see from the picture, this one comes with a translucent dark epoxy resin combined with natural wood evoking thoughts of the evening fog that envelops the trees in the spruce forest.

This table can be made according to your own choice-shape, dimensions, species of wood, resin colour, matte finish or glossy finish, everything can be designed and customized as you wish.

The shipping cost is free, and after around 8 weeks of order placement, the delivery is expected to be done.

One of the customers Quincy Miller says that this table top is simply remarkable and a stunning piece of art. Another customer praises the shop-owner highly, saying that the craftsmanship is outstanding, overall, an excellent job was done which resembles the immense amount of hard work that went into the table.

You can know more and buy this table from here:

6. Ocean Wave Resin Table Spot-Epoxy Resin Table

ocean wave resin table spot-epoxy resin table

This one is also handmade, and materials include wood and resin simply. The height is 50 millimeters, width is 1700 millimeters and the depth is 690 millimeters. The tabletop is poured with epoxy resin obviously, having fine colour, smooth touch, not likely to deform and have very good stability.

This one can be absolutely an amazing piece to add to your collection,, because not only it’s very pleasing to your eye, it’s anti-corrosion material compact, has got water resistance and high strength.

The shipping is cost free like the most, will be ready to ship within 4-6 weeks, and returns and exchange are also accepted if you follow the regulations provided by the shop owners.

While going through the reviews, it seemed like almost all of them were really satisfied with both the quality of the table and the communication with the seller.

You can buy this beautiful piece from here:

7. Pink, Rose Gold and White Geometric Pyramid

Pink, Rose Gold and White Geometric Pyramid

This handmade table top will undoubtedly brighten up your place with its marvelous pink, rose, and white geometric vibe. The pyramid size is 6 by 6 inches. The materials of this table top include mica pigments and glitter. Vibrant colors accompanied by smooth glossy finishing are sure to impress anyone visiting your home. The table is created with mas table top resin and comes with clear rubber feet.

The customers seem to be extremely happy with the decoration of the table top. One of them said that the great quality of the workmanship is just amazing that makes him unable to wait for more to use it. Another one mentioned that the product she received was more than she anticipated initially.

You can buy this table top from here:

8. “Marble” and Gold Effects in Epoxy Resin – Sofa Table

"marble" and gold effects in epoxy resin - sofa table

This one in the list is simple, but gorgeous at the same time. This handmade table top is created by using wood, acrylic, and epoxy resin. The normal dimensions are:

Height- 36 centimeters, width- 30 centimeters, and depth- 30 centimeters.

The colour of the legs will be natural, and the top of it will be white lacquered and provided with a unique acrylic painting.

While going through the customer reviews, it seems like all of them were quite happy about the product and the salesmanship of it as well. One of the customers mentioned that the contact with the seller as well as the shipping procedure was absolutely hassle free.

To buy this simple and beautiful table top, visit the link below:

9. Wood Epoxy Dining Table with wood top

Wood Epoxy Dining Table with wood top

Here comes another handmade table top in the list. As you can see from the picture, this marvelous table top is gorgeously handcrafted and will surely add to the beauty of your interior. The table top carries the image of crystal clear water from a spring that flows from high mountains into the forest.

The materials include slab, wood, metal, dye, epoxy, resin, acrylic, wax, varnish, paint, pearlescent dye. From the seller, we come to know that you can customize the table, the dimensions, shape, species of wood, matte or glossy finish-these are all your own choice.

The cost of shipping will be free, and estimated arrival of your product after your order placement will be around 8 weeks. The price of this piece is USD 1300.

The customers are very happy about this marvellous product, as we see that one of them mentions this table top to be simply remarkable and a stunning piece of art. Another one also praised the seller, telling that from the beginning to the end, working with him had been an amazing experience.

If you want to buy this table, visit the link below:

10. Epoxy River Table Top

Epoxy River Table Top

Here comes another stunning piece to decorate your home with the imagination of the blue river of Greenland.

This table top is made of 50 years old European walnut and epoxy resin. The line of blue resin that divides the wood reminds me of the ice-cold nature of Greenland along with its rivers and mountains. This piece of wild nature can become a part of your interior.

This table top will cost USD 2,565. This one can also be customized like the previous one. Around 6-8 weeks after order placement, the product will arrive at your door. The cost of shipping will be free.

One of the customers wrote in the product review that this table top is the most beautiful table she has ever seen. The others are also highly satisfied with the quality of the product. The communication with the seller is also mentioned as easy and comfortable.

Want to buy this beautiful piece? Visit the link below:

11. Epoxy Resin Dining Table, Large kitchen table with river table top

Epoxy Resin Dining Table, Large kitchen table with river table top

The final table top on the list, this one is handmade as well. The materials include epoxy resin, walnut, metal parts. The height, width, and depth are 750 millimeters, 700 millimeters, and 1500 millimeters (the dimensions, shape, species of wood, finishing style-these can be altered if the customer wants).

This amazing dining table top is undoubtedly gorgeous for the way it simply looks- the deep blue epoxy fills all oak wood curves looking stunning under sunlight.This might remind you of rivers of Amazonas that make their way through rainforests.

The cost free shipping of this product will require around 8 weeks. 

The customer reviews are so far satisfactory since most of them mentioned that the experience that they had with this table top is just lovely. The communication with the seller also seems very comfortable. The price of this product is USD 1,300.

Buy the product from here:


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