The 5 Best Epoxy Resin For Wood And Hardener Reviews of All Time

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Best epoxy resin for wood is utilized to make high-gloss coatings for everything from wood tabletops to bar counters. proficient DIYers conjointly use them to form one-of-kind wood art items, like river tables and wood desks.

The 5 Best Epoxy Resin For Wood Reviews  

Here are 5 epoxy resins for wood that are amazing for using.

1. JANCHUN Epoxy- 1 Gallon Kit    

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This epoxy resin from JANCHUN, an impressive product due to its distinctive quality. you ought not to brush or stir this product once you are applying it to a surface. Since it’s self-leveling properties to precisely 1/8 of an inch, you simply got to pour and you are done.

However, before doing this, you’ll apply a preliminary, thin layer of the resin. This can be the seal coat and it’ll take away any roughness on the surface. It additionally permits the following quote of the resin to self-level during an abundant faster fashion. take care as a result of this product dries a little too quick.

Characteristics Specification
Top features Moisture-resistant
High strength, and 
Rigid and high strength material
ProsThe finished product seems crystal clear
The mix employed in the merchandise is immune to scratches
Comes with ultraviolet light protection to resist rough weather
Clear directions on a way to use it
Cons It May not harden very fast as some other epoxy resins

2. West system-Mini Pumps Epoxy   

West system-Mini Pumps Epoxy

The west system epoxy resin includes a bottle of epoxy resin, a slow epoxy hardener, and a pack of 3 epoxy metering pumps. This resin features an especially versatile epoxy system that’s low consistency and powerful while hardening. Besides using it for woodwork projects, you’ll additionally use it for boat building, composite directions, and repairs that embody bonding, filling, waterproof coating, and high strength materials.

Using the resin is simple enough, you only have to be compelled to combine five elements of epoxy glue into one part of hardener material. It additionally encompasses a sensible operating time and you will not pay a great deal of your time looking forward to it to cure either.

Characteristics Specification
Top features A versatile epoxy system that’s low in consistency
High strength, and 
Rigid and high strength material
Waterproof coating
ProsCures fast at very low temperatures
West System Epoxy relies on a flexible low-viscosity epoxy system 
Does not leave any odor on after curing
Cons The packaging is produced of metal and can leak while shipping
Better boat-2 Part Countertop Marine Grade

3. Better boat-2 Part Countertop Marine Grade   

Made in the USA and familiar everywhere the globe for its exceptional quality, higher boats offer better epoxy resin that’s premium in quality and is delayed to the best market standards. The merchandise features 2 elements – the half-gallon bottle of epoxy and a 1/2-gallon bottle of hardener.

You can additionally restore the previous surfaces that have gone dull with this product. All you would like to try and do is sand the initial surface a little bit and apply a coat of this product. The ultimate result will be a crystal-clear top. Moreover, operating with the resin is additionally very simple as a result of it offers much operating time and 100 pc self-eliminated bubbles.

Characteristics Specification
Top features Ultraviolet resistant
It offers a high gloss, clear coating that is super hard
Very durable
ProsDoesn’t show any sign of yellowing
The better option for tabletops, bars, artwork
Also works finely with foam
Cons Hardening takes quite a long time
Specialty- 1 Gallon Kit

4. Specialty- 1 Gallon Kit   

This is one of the foremost reasonable epoxy resins for wood, and despite its low-cost value, this product stands out thanks to its wonderful quality and incomparable sturdiness.

However, be warned that this is often not the simplest product to use.

On the and aspect tho’, if you’re willing to urge your hands a touch dirty, you’ll get an end that’s merely not doable with the other product.

Characteristics Specification
Top features Takes a long time, even more than 24 hours to finish curing
High gloss, UV-protected, durable finish
Possess low odor, and FDA-graded food safety features
ProsIt is a very easy to use epoxy
Possess a good flow of working on large surface area and wooden products
Stir only for 4 minutes and it’s for a consistency that has no bubbles
Cons It may not seem as clear as many other epoxies.
TotalBoat- 1 Gallon Epoxy Resin

5. TotalBoat- 1 Gallon Epoxy Resin 

The most distinctive feature of this specific product is that it’s in all probability the sole resin that may boast of providing you 100% protection from water. This implies that regardless of what percentage of times you mistakenly spill or drink on your tabletop, you’ll rest assured that the cured resin won’t be broken.

Moreover, since this can be one of the few resins that may additionally handle boiling temperatures without any harm – the on top of claim isn’t restricted to cold drinks only.

However, if you spill hot tea or coffee, there’ll not be one mark on the product. The merchandise is additionally utterly proof against bubble formation throughout the blending method or blushes once you have got finished hardening.

The few disadvantages of this product are that if you apply this to a piece out of doors of the outside of out of doors piece of furniture TotalBoat is perhaps one of the worst products once it involves outdoor performances.

The application method of the resin is additionally a little bit difficult – however, this can be not a large issue.

Characteristics Specification
Top features It provides a clear and glossy coat
It has quite self-leveling properties that lessen labor effort during the working process. 
It has a fast curing time.
ProsThis is made with a self-leveling formula that widens its applications. 
The fully finished item is waterproof
Doesn’t have yellowing once after curing
Cons Once cured, this sometimes gets scratches very easily


If you’re particularly curious about creating wooden furniture, these can be great products for you as they offer a high gloss, clear coating that is super hard and can last a long time. The cured products are additionally ultraviolet resistant and don’t lose their shine even after years.
Buy the best epoxy resin for wood to make amazing furniture and other items using them.

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