The 5 Best Epoxy Resin For Tumblers And Hardener Reviews of All Time

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A tumbler is a piece of drinkware that could work for warm or cold beverages, however usually is full of cold ones. it’s frequently made from BPA-free plastic or resins, comes with a lid and straw, and is absolutely handle-less. The five best epoxy resin for tumblers will help you to make one for yourself.

The 5 best epoxy resin for tumblers Reviews  

Here are some Cheap epoxy resin for tumblers:



Envirotex Lite is a brand of epoxy resin you may use for tumblers, whose declaration to reputation is that it milks a pour-on, high gloss end. It cures to a thick, smooth coating in approximately 8 hours at 70F, and reaches complete cure in approximately forty-eight hours.

Many tumbler artists say that they started out making their tumblers the usage of Envirotex Lite Epoxy Resin because it is easy to work with and has a completely low odor, which is confirmed in Envirotex’s protection data Sheet, in which it says “smell: minimum. not distinct”.

At the back of the packaging, Envirotex Lite Resin says that it “Complies with FDA 21 CFR one hundred seventy-five and three hundred for coatings meant for indirect and direct repeated meals touch use when accurately measured, very well blended, and fully cured”. Please make sure you study and affirm this FDA Compliance for yourself before the use of it.

You may locate the protection statistics Sheet (SDS) for Envirotex Lite on their internet site right here. Their safety information sheet turned into clean to find and is easy, and we preferred this. whilst working with chemical compounds, the SDS must now not be a tough component to find at the enterprise’s internet site.

One complaint by some resin artists is that the Envirotex Lite can yellow with UV exposure or over time, yet in saying that, they still love working with this epoxy resin on their tumblers and nonetheless recommend it. only a word right here, all resin will yellow over the years. The degree of yellowing and the way soon it yellows is what you need to recognize approximately.

Envirotex Lite does say it is heat resistant however we could not affirm what temperature it’s far heat resistant to.

Characteristics Specification
Top features The features are:
Low odor
Claims to be FDA compliant after it is cured
heat Resistant
ProsThe advantages are:
Excellent for starting (gaining knowledge of the way to make tumblers)
smooth to work with
Cons Can yellow over the years or with UV exposure




KSResin was created with the resin artist in mind. It claims that it dries “water clear” and lots of Tumblr artists consider that statement. it is an excellent UV-resistant epoxy resin which means that it does not yellow properly away while left out in the solar, so move ahead and pour your white tumblers! KSResin says they’ve “the quality UV-resistance in the industry”.

KSResin has a long-running time and could be very clean to paintings with, making it a terrific choice for seasoned tumblers or first-time tumbler makers. The resin pours slightly thicker than different resins available, but this affects a hard, glass-like end in your tumbler.

KSResin is well suited with many pigments and has stronger shade stability, as well as something they call “flow control”, which is a trademarked additive to lessen surface tension.

This is also a self-leveling resin which is tremendously crucial for tumblers. while your cup is popping, you need your surface to be completely staged once cured. If the resin you operate is self-leveling then you don’t need to fear this.

ensure you are working with this resin at seventy five-80F in the course of the whole method to have the best effects.

This resin is VOC-free but does have a minor smell, which maximum tumbler artists agree is minimum. KSResin is likewise scratch-resistant however isn’t scratch-evidence (that is something to observe if you plan on using this epoxy resin for counters).

After being fully cured, KSResin is heat resistant as much as 475F. Wait until 7 days of curing have passed before publicity to that type of warmth.

KSResin is “food secure once completely cured”, in line with their website. and like all resins, we suggest no longer epoxying your Tumblr absolutely to the rim wherein lips will touch it.

Characteristics Specification
Top features The features are:
UV resistant (“pleasant UV resistance within the industry”)
Warmth resistant as much as 475F
Meals secure as soon as cured 
Minimum scent
ProsThe advantages are:
Easy to make paintings
KSResin is heat resistant as much as 475F
KSResin is “food secure once completely cured”
Cons Lengthy working time
Not scratch-proof



Counter culture DIY Artist epoxy resin is another famous desire by using tumbler artists. This is an epoxy resin that produces a stunning crystal-clear, glass-like finish. This resin is VOC-free and is likewise UV-resistant, which we love!

This epoxy resin for tumblers is heat resistant up to 500F after a 24-hour cure. Something else to be aware of is that many tumbler artists say this specific brand of epoxy resin has “no smell” or “low smell” if any.

a pair of factors to understand in case you are making plans on the usage of Counter lifestyle to your epoxy resin tumblers. you have a 25-40 minute working time before the consistency changes and it begins to cure. They recommend blending NO less than 2 oz. of epoxy resin to keep away from sticky, smooth, or uncured resin finishes.

It should be referred to that Counter culture DIY Artist resin is an epoxy resin that is FDA-compliant. consistent with their internet site, they agree to FDA 21 CFR one hundred seventy-five and three hundred. 

Counter culture is a famous epoxy resin for lots of Tumblr artists available who swear by it, many switching from their cutting-edge emblem to Counter culture with incredible effects. 

There are constant comparisons among Counter culture DIY, Artist Resin, and the faux Rizzle resin available it seems, and the talk is powerful. that would come down to a matter of choice although. we’re going to talk about faux Rizzle as our subsequent tumbler resin brand.

Characteristics Specification
Top features The features are:
Heat-resistant up to 500F
Finishes clean and glass-like
Little to no odor
ProsThe advantages are:
Finishes clean and glass-like
Little to no odor



Faux Rizzle is another epoxy resin brand that is heard pretty frequently being chatted about in the tumbler world. This glass-clear resin is VOC-free and is simple to use. it is heat-resistant up to 500F and ought to be blended at an ambient temperature of 70-75F.

One thing that we’ve observed a few resin artists point out is this particular emblem of epoxy resin does not get alongside well with humid climates and may be tougher to paint with. that is something to be aware of in case you are residing someplace wherein there are periodic or extended degrees of humidity. you can discover faux Rizzle resin here.

Faux Rizzle states that there may be no odor on their website. however, besides, the nation that there’s “no need to wear a respirator” and “no respirator required”, which is one factor we don’t want to see. 

Characteristics Specification
Top features Glasslike and clear Finish
Heat-resistant nearly 500F
ProsEasy to use as “no respirator required”
Cons It does not work well in high humidity



There is an epoxy resin that is designed for tabletops but is being utilized by many epoxy resin tumbler artists. it is durable and is FDA and food-safe in line with their internet site. 

This epoxy resin is likewise UV-resistant, VOC-free, and is warmness-resistant as much as 500F. you may locate top-class clean FX Poxy resin proper right here.

Tumblr artists like top-rate clear FX Poxy because it has a fast remedy time and has little to no scent.

One factor to consider in case you are identifying between faux Rizzle and top-class clear FX Poxy is that they’re very similar; many tumbler artists who examine the two manufacturers say they perform almost the same. The premium cleans FX Poxy although changed into in particular formulated by the organization for countertops.

This epoxy is scratch and impact resistant up to 15,000 psi, which is 5 times more potent than concrete. this may no longer imply plenty in the global of tumblers, however, I would sure want to attempt doing my tabletops with this!

Characteristics Specification
Top features Heat-resistant power at approximately up to 500F
Scratch and impact resistant up to 15,000 psi
Resistant to UV
ProsFormulated for tabletops
Safe for Food

Final Words

These are the best epoxy resin for tumblers with which you can make tumblers for regular use. You can use them occasionally too. These resins are easy to use and beautiful to look at.

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