What is the Best Epoxy Resin For Jewelry Making and Where to Buy

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Jewelry makers or crafters can easily make eye-catching pieces of jewelry using epoxy resin. Because of the flexibility of the resin, there are literally no limits to creativity in design.

Here is a list of the best epoxy resin for jewelry making that will help you to make beautiful jewelry for yourself and your loved ones.

The 10 Best Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin For Jewelry Making and Where to Buy

These Best clear epoxy resins for jewelry have various uses in the world of epoxy stuff. These can be proven beneficial for you from many aspects.

You can buy these resins and hardeners at a cheap price and get home delivery quickly.

Check out the best epoxy resin for Jewelry and find the perfect one for your projects:

1. ArtResin Epoxy Resin

ArtResin Epoxy Resin

Reflexive epoxy pitch clear coat that makes pieces POP while ensuring them. 

ArtResin Epoxy Resin is explicitly intended for all your imaginative activities. Made for specialists by craftsmen, this recipe is designed to offer unmatched yellowing assurance. ArtResin builds the engaging quality and estimation of whatever it’s utilized on. Its high-level adjustment added substances give unrivaled, long-haul clearness.


The features are:

  • Simple to utilize 1:1 blending proportion. 
  • UV and HALS balanced out for unmatched yellowing insurance. 
  • Alright for home use when utilized in a very much ventilated territory. 
  • No VOCs. No BPA. No vapor. Non-combustible. 
  • Shiny. Self-leveling. Formed explicitly for craftsmanship. 
  • Made in the USA

2. Puduo Resin 16 oz Kit

Puduo Resin Kit

This resin is exceptionally mainstream since it is not difficult to use and fixes extremely hard. You can likewise use this pitch for shine in obscurity pieces since it joins colors well overall. 

This resin opposes yellowing because of UV openness. Yet, is best-avoided daylight since all epoxy resin will ultimately yellow over the long run. Use our unmistakable epoxy resin presenter unit for the entirety of your projecting and covering applications. Fixes clear and hard as a rock. You will get 8OZ resin and 8OZ Hardener.


The features are:

  • Rigorous testing was done to guarantee that our resin is an ideal counterpart for all of shine.
  • Unique FAST Curing Resin that completed the process of projecting. 
  • Our resin is self leveling.
  • Self degassing.
  • Scent free.
  • Impervious to yellowing from UV openness.
  • Come with Bonus Tools-4pcs Graduated cups, 3pcs Sticks, 1 Pair Rubber Gloves

3. Limino UV resin 

Limino UV resin

This resin made our best for adornments making list since it’s excessively simple to use for making pendants and for inserting sparkle or blossoms into your gems pieces. You don’t have to gauge anything or sit tight for fix time which some adornments producers truly love.

Our improved detailing permits the reasonable UV resin to fix quicker and all the more totally. The hard sort creates resin is imported from Japan and produced using superior grade and non-harmful materials. 


The features are:

  • Our improved detailing permits the unmistakable UV resin to fix quicker and all the more totally.
  • The hard sort create resin is imported from Japan and produced using superior grade 
  • Non-harmful materials. 
  • Our UV resin is prepared to utilize and can quickly fix hard in minutes.
  • The spout does incredible assistance to crush and infuse the resin.

4. Clear Epoxy MOC 100 Resin Coating for Jewelry

Clear Epoxy Resin Coating for Jewelry

This covering contains no dissolvable, is consistent with the CFIA guidelines for roundabout food contact, and meets the VOC guidelines cutoff of under 100 g/L for structural floor coatings. Territories of utilization o Industrial Use – Garages; Warehouses; Airports and storages; Processing and assembling plants o Commercial Use – shopping centers and stores; Hotels; Offices; Showrooms; Restaurants; Hospitals; and Bar Tops.


The features are:

  • Mechanical evaluation epoxy pitch 
  • Industrial grade epoxy resin 
  • Extremely durable against wear and tear, acids, and yellowing over time
  • 100% Solids in the formula

5. Epox-It 80 Clear Epoxy Resin 2 Gallon Kit

Epox-It 80 Clear Epoxy Resin for Coating Wood

Epox-It 80 is a multipurpose, reflexive, clear epoxy pitch pack used for imaginative and useful activities, for example, covering bar tops, tabletops, and ledges, just as exemplification, resin painting, resin workmanship, covering clear models, models, fiberglass overlaying, puppets, adornments and then some. 


The features are:

  • Perfectly clear completion 
  • Ensured new resin delivered straightforwardly from the producer 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Become flushed safe 

6. Amazing Clear Cast Resin

Amazing Clear Cast Resin

Just in case you’re still searching for a product that’s little in amount, friendly to beginners, and far more cost-effective, here’s an excellent kit from amazing Clear cast that’s geared yet again towards smaller projects and hobby crafters instead of industrial use. 

Because this brand additionally sells molds in numerous sizes and levels of detail, their epoxy is explicitly developed for strength even in little, delicate items.

It is ideal for jewelry or model creation because the tiny items are less likely to break once you remove them from the finished piece from the mold.

The quantity is smart with a reasonable price, however, remember that every bottle in this pack only contains eight fluid ounces, which means you would possibly need replacements quite quickly if you are attempting the technique out and turn out to be a complete enthusiast.

Characteristics Specification
Top features 16-Ounce epoxy
UV enhanced epoxy 
A durable surface
Food Safe 
Surface Safe
Tumbler Safe
Easy to use  
ProsAn even finish
High resistant formula

7. The Epoxy Resin Store Clear Epoxy Resin-32 Ounce Kit

The Epoxy Resin Store Clear Epoxy Resin-32 Ounce Kit

If your DIY goals are a bit larger and face potential wear and tear or weathering, then we predict you’ll want a lot of industrial-grade products, as this is provided from The epoxy Store. 

Their product is developed with great quantity needs and large, practical wants like a work surface or floor waterproofing in mind (although it also can be used for creating smaller trinkets). It’s hardy and resistant, and additionally not one for air bubbling badly. This mixture is additionally food-safe, creating it smart for glossing tabletops.

Keep in mind that the fine print of this offer says that the amount is one gallon total, between the 2 bottles, and not one gallon each. Your epoxy and your resin each every 0.5 a gallon, is a vital distinction to create, particularly if you’re designing a large project like waterproofing a floor. 

Characteristics Specification
Top features Zero fumes. 
ProsA perfectly transparent finish
High gloss resistant formula

8. Art Resin One Gallon Epoxy Resin

Art Resin One Gallon Epoxy Resin

If you’re primarily curious about getting epoxy so you’ll be able to produce lovely things along with your children in a supervised manner, then we predict you may get along best with this formula from Art resin that’s specifically meant for creative projects. 

The main draw here, besides that it’s not ignitable (which is a feature most suppliers guarantee now), is that this mixture is additionally fume-free, which is desirable if you’re operating with children around.

Now, you ought to perceive that simply because the mix is fume-free doesn’t mean it won’t still have a rather strong smell. It merely implies that operating with this combine won’t cause you to feel lightheaded and won’t be harmful to your breathing like some industrial-grade epoxies are. This one-gallon provide, like before, is additionally one gallon total, with every bottle containing 0.5 a gallon.

Characteristics Specification
Top features Easy to use by 1:1 mixing ratio.
Unparalleled UV and yellowing protection.
Safe for use 
Formulated particularly for art.
ProsA perfectly transparent finish
High gloss resistant formula

9. HXDZFX Epoxy Resin Coating With Resin And Hardener

HXDZFX Epoxy Resin Coating With Resin And Hardener

If you intend to use pigments and different color changes in your resin works, then we predict this mixture from HXDZFX can be right up your alley. 

Although it’s bound to dry crystal clear, this whole specifically tested their epoxy to confirm that it works with every kind of pigments and colorants.

They additionally sell a good style of these and needed to substantiate while not a doubt that their whole line works together. 

Characteristics Specification
Top features A 260ml bottle of resin
A 260ml bottle of hardener
1 x Resin Glitter
2 x gloves
4 x graduated cup
4 x wooden sticks 
A detailed instruction manual
ProsA perfectly transparent finish
High gloss resistant formula

10. Dr. Crafty Full Clear Epoxy Resin Kit

Dr. Crafty Full Clear Epoxy Resin Kit

Just in case you liked the product once we analyzed the previous Dr. crafty provider but you’re just not in want of a complete gallon of epoxy right now, we have a solution for that too. 

Here’s a rather smaller bundle that may still offer you quite many uses.

In this kit, every bottle contains 14oz for a complete 32oz to use. 

A plastic spreader to make sure of an even finish will be provided with the pack.

Characteristics Specification
Top features 2 x 3.38-ounce measuring cups with spouts, 
5 x wooden sticks for mixing 
A plastic spreader to make sure of an even finish.
45 minutes of work time
ProsReliable Consistency
Crystal Clear Outcome
Fully resistant to yellowing

Final Words

The pieces of crystal clear pieces of jewelry become a real eye-catcher with tiny materials, for example, flowers, pearls, or glitter particles. These are the attractive, unique, and best crystal clear epoxy resin for jewelry making. 

I believe the article has helped you to find the best resin and hardener for your jewelry project.

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