The Best Epoxy Resin Liquid Pigments in 2022

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The best epoxy resin liquid pigment brings the exact colored epoxy for various uses. No matter if you’re filling woods with pigmented resin, or making your own uncommon pigmented river coffee table, the liquid pigments are beautifully suited to your wants! You can mix these pigments to make a unique kind of project! You can also use epoxy resin pigment powder. 

What Is Epoxy Resin Liquid Pigments For Coloring Resin 

Fluid colors are turning out to be extremely famous among resin specialists, and there is a justification for this. 

We should go through the advantages and the cons of utilizing fluid pigment in resin works. 

How To Use Epoxy Resin Liquid Pigment

Liquid Pigments add a few benefits when you use them to shading your resin; we should view a couple of them. 

Liquid Pigments can be impeccably scattered into the resin, which impacts the strength of the shading in the resin, implying that the shading is more profound and more extravagant when you utilize a fluid color. 

Cons of Liquid Pigments 

Fluid colors do have their weaknesses also, so how about we examine a couple of them so you can choose if this pigment is for you or not. 

The fluid pigment doesn’t have a long timeframe of realistic usability as its parts can begin to isolate inevitably. 

You can give them a decent shake to combine them back as one, however, this can influence the pigment of the color and make it less solid over the long haul. 

As the Liquid Pigments come in bottles, they can be a bit hard to store as they should be kept straight up, and you can’t put anything on top of them. 

The fluid pigment is by and large a more costly choice to use to shading your resin. 

The Best Epoxy Resin Liquid Pigment Review 

Here are the reviews of some liquid pigments which are amazing and easy to use:

1. Epoxy Pigment 15 Colors Liquid Resin Color Pigment

Best Epoxy Resin Liquid Pigment

This shade is reasonable for Epoxy Resin/UV Resin. They can be utilized for both Epoxy Resin and UV Resin shading. They are a redesigned universally useful Liquid Epoxy/UV Resin Color Pigment. 

The set incorporates 15 containers of delightful and lively Epoxy Resin Pigment, each 0.35oz, the shadings are Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Purple, Pink, Brown, Peacock Blue, Lemon Yellow, Purplish Red, Fluorescence Green Gold Yellow; Just a couple of drops and you will be enjoyably astounded by the shading impact. 

You can handle the thickness of the shading by slowly adding each drop in turn until you get the shading you need. You can likewise stir up more extravagant shadings as per your inclinations. They give limitless conceivable outcomes to your imaginative creation. 


  1. It costs approximately USD 21.89
  2. Shipping cost is free
  3. Shipping will be done from Brooklyn, NY
  4. The package includes
  • 15 × Liquid UV epoxy Resin Color Pigment
  • Colors including Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Purple, Pink, Brown, Peacock Blue, Lemon Yellow, Purplish Red, Fluorescence Green, Gold, and Yellow 

If you have any inquiries regarding Best Epoxy Resin Liquid Pigment, kindly go ahead and reach us, we are glad to give you benefits.

2. Let’s Resin Alcohol Ink Set 

Let’s Resin additionally have an enormous assortment of shading alternatives and styles to browse. 

With this specific set of the Best Epoxy Resin Liquid Pigment, you’ll get 18 energetic shadings that will combine effectively as one to make your ideal pigment. 


  • Epoxy Liquid Pigments by Let’s Resin are a brilliant decision as they are moderately modest contrasted with other fluid colors, and they are prevalent in quality. 
  • Liquor Inks are a decent method to shading your resin; they are a fluid color that leaves the resin with rich immersion and incredible impacts. 
  • We should make Resin make a rich, soaking tone simple to accomplish with their 18-Pack Alcohol Ink Set. 
  • These inks are a bit thicker than other liquor inks, so a smidgen will go far. 
  • If you want intensely soaked shading and cool impacts in your resin, these inks are awesome. 

3. 24 Colors Epoxy Resin Liquid Dye Pigment

We have a package of 24 colors, each of which is rich and vivid and may be used in any of your projects. 

This Best Epoxy Resin Liquid Pigment is harmless to the ecosystem and has no exceptional smell, and is entirely reasonable for shading resin creations, resin jewelry DIY making, and so on (it turns out to be extraordinary for shading resin crafts, resin ornaments DIY making).


  • Each bottle weighs 10g and is labeled with the color name
  • The special formula helps to make it easy to find the color you desire.
  • Product Volume is 10 Milliliters
  • The product will be ready to ship within 1–3 business days
  • The product will be delivered from China

4. Metallic Art Ink and Alcohol Resin Pigment

High-quality silicone in an improved version. Enjoy enjoyable occasions with your friends and family by sharing your handiwork.

Easy to release and clean, keep the resin molds smooth and clean inside before using, so it’s easy to twist the silicone mold and pop out your finished resin products after they’ve fully set; clean the epoxy molds with soap water and store them away from direct sunlight and dust.


  • Color: Gold/Silver/Copper/Gun/Rose Gold/Pearl White in size 15ML/60ML
  • It has a high concentration and does not fade. 
  • Uses: Excellent for resin paints, fluid paintings, diverse decorations, and the development of home decorative art 
  • Usage: Shake it well before using it, then drop it straight into the prepared crystal glue. 
  • There is no need to stir after dropping the crystal glue; the 3D color essence will disseminate on its own. 
  • The operation is easier to understand, and it is more convenient to uses
  • Delivered from China 


Our Best Epoxy Resin Liquid Pigment makes the ideal hued epoxy for wood! Regardless of whether you’re filling wood breaks with hued epoxy, making your own extraordinary pigmented river table, this color is consummately fit your requirements! With a coordinated crush dropper, estimating by drop is finished easily! Blend these tones to make a unique undertaking!

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